Eastington CLT was set up by concerned residents of Eastington in response to the lack of affordable local housing both for our children as they grow up and for extended family support as we grow up even more.


The primary aim is to serve our local housing needs whilst helping to limit  further development in our Parish
,  via the Parish, Neighbourhood and Local Plan policies.

ECLT aims to provide just what is needed within Eastington.

  • The (documented) need from the 2013/14 Housing Needs Survey was for 23 Affordable Rent homes – which would remain ‘rentable’ for Eastington-linked people in perpetuity.
    This resulted in our first project – Fullers Close in Claypits.
  • A second Housing Needs survey in 2019 showed a demand for 54 homes; 31 more than Fullers Close was providing. Hence Project 2 became a necessity and planning for this started in late 2019.

Become a Member – have your say

Any one linked to the central village (‘Alkerton’) or  the Traditional Hamlets of Eastington is most welcome to join the Trust, to show support, to share in the land-holding  and to help steer the projects.

Please see our Policy on Membership. This pdf document contains a membership application form which you can print off and return to the address shown below with your lifetime membership fee of £1.00
…. otherwise, if you would like to join or have any other queries, please email us, as below,  or just use this contact form :-


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