Fullers Close homes open for bidding

As from Wednesday 16th September, homes in Fullers Close will be available for bidding on Homeseeker Plus.

Approximately half the homes will be advertised from 16th September until 6th October and then the rest from 7th October to 27 October.

If you are registered on Homeseeker Plus with a local connection to the traditional hamlets of Eastington (including the village of Alkerton) you are able to bid. Please remember to state your local connection.

These advertisements are coming out early because of the expected popularity of the homes and the administration involved in allocation for so many homes at one time.

It is hoped that successful applicants will be able to move in before Xmas but that remains weather- and Covid-dependant, say the builders. To see the latest photos of activity on site click here.


Project 2 begins…

The latest Parish Housing Needs Survey showed that residents of Eastington (excluding Great Oldbury)  now have local/family requirements here for another 20-odd affordable homes over and above those being built at Fullers Close.

So, project 2 begins  – see details here

First Project named as Fullers Close

The old name for the area of Claypits where our first project houses are being built is Puddleworth, and we originally elected to name it Puddleworth Close.  Sadly we have had to change the name , as it was thought be the Post Office to be confuse-able with Puddleworth Lane.   It is now called Fullers Close in recognition of the fact that the clay from ‘claypits’ was used in the fulling process in the Woollen Mills.