Q12. Will the CLT have legal control of the houses?

Well, it depends what you mean by this.

Once a scheme is up and running, the CLT plays no direct part on a day to day basis.
The CLT leases the land to the Housing Association, on a 125 year lease, in return for a ground rent.  The houses are owned, maintained  and managed entirely by the Housing Association, wholcollect the rents.

However, all the ‘legal control’ will have been put in place up front, (via the section 106 agreement and contracts with the Housing associatio) and the CLT will take a monitoring role in making sure that obligations are met.

The Allocations, again governed by the directions in the 106 agreement, will be prioritised via the Homeseekers register.  This is run by the Local Authority, who will give a prioritised list of applicants for a vacancy to the Housing Association.

The Housing Association is also responsible for keeping the properties maintained, and ensuring ‘good order’ generally.   ECLT will monitor this and will have recourse to legal action if standards are not maintained according to the contracts (ECLT will have powers up to and including taking ownership of the houses and revocation of the lease).